The Unknown Patton


Charles M. Province

Copyright 1983, 1992, 1998

by Charles M. Province.

All rights reserved.


Printing History:

Hippocrene Books, 1983

Bonanza Books, 1984

CMP Publications, 1992

CMP Productions, 1998 (Electronic Version)


This book is dedicated to:

Lacy Monet-Duvalier Province and Michelle Dawn Province.

And my father even though he lied to me.

Table of Contents

The Early Years

Motorized Warfare In Mexico


General Patton's Address

The General's Personal Sidearms

SHAEF's Three Major Errors

Some Misconceptions

The Slapping Incidents

Patton's Resignation

The Patton Philosophy

The Secret Of Victory

Letters of Instruction

Patton Quotes

Patton's Poetry

Return to Headquarters