Artwork by

Michael Bennett

(Mr. Bennett is available for commissioned pieces)


"Patton in North Africa"
(Patton at Kasserine Pass and Patton in Tunisia)
Size: 18" x 23-1/2" -- Pastels on paper

"Patton at the Desert Training Center, Indio, CA -1942"
    ( Patton in desert near an M3 Stuart tank.)
Size: 22" x 33" -- Watercolor painting on paper

"Patton at Fort Benning, Georgia - 1941"
   ( Patton in Georgia near an M1-A1 Combat Car)
Size: 30" x 40" -- Oil Painting on canvas

"Patton Portrait"
   (Patton with the patches of his commands)
Size: 30" x 40" -- Oil painting on canvas

"Patton at Bastogne"
(Patton near M4 Sherman tank, 1944)
Size: 30" x 40" -- Oil painting on canvas

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